Flexible backup options.

The choice is yours. Schedule backups for when your computer is idle or choose automatic, continuous backup to instantly save files when they are added or as changes are saved.

Downloadable software.

If you have a WD external drive that does not have WD SmartWare installed, or even a third party external USB drive, you can download the software and quickly begin protecting your important files.

Back up to the cloud.

With WD SmartWare Pro you can back up to your local drive or use your Dropbox™ account to back up your files to the cloud.


Easy setup

With the intuitive installation interface, you're up and running in just a few simple steps. Once you set it up the way you like it, you can forget it because the rest is automatic.

Choose your backup schedule

Choose automatic, continuous backup and WD SmartWare Pro will instantly back up your files whenever you change a file and save it, create new files, add new pictures, movies, or songs. Choose scheduled backup to set a backup schedule that is convenient for you.

File or category backup

Select the files and folders that you want backed up or back up your files by category. The choice is yours.

Cloud backup

WD SmartWare Pro includes the option to back up your files to the cloud using *Dropbox™. You can also be double safe and back up your files on your Dropbox account to your local external drive.

Back up to any USB external drive

Use WD SmartWare Pro to back up your computer to any external hard drive whether that drive is from WD or from a third party.

* Dropbox account required for cloud backup. Cloud services may be changed, terminated or interrupted at any time and may vary by country.