Add a custom skin to your new My Passport drive and show off your style. These skins are high quality and highly durable.

  • Photo quality imaging
  • Residue-free removal and air bubble-free application
  • Helps protect your drive from scratches
  • Tested -- no thermal impact to My Book
  • Skins by skinit.com  

Frequently asked Questions

Are the Skins easy to apply?
Yes, the Skins are easy to apply and are custom designed and cut for My Passport drive. If you take your time and follow the instructions included with your order, you should have no problem making your My Passport drive distinct and cool looking.

Are the Skins easy to remove?
Yes, it is very easy to remove the Skin, should you choose to do so. Once removed, however, the Skin will never again adhere quite as well as the first time. We suggest you have a new Skin ready to apply to your device.

What is the Skin made of?
All of our Skins are made out of the best premium-grade glossy vinyl, are printed using a special six color high resolution process, and coated with a clear coating for additional protection.

How do I apply my new Skin?
Your custom Skin will arrive with step-by-step application instructions. Be sure to carefully examine your skin upon arrival. When applying the skin, be particularly careful not to stretch any part of the Skin around the thin sections of the design. Stretching the Skin will cause it not to fit the device precisely.

Use caution when removing the Skin from the backing paper because the adhesive side of the Skin will stick to itself and may cause damage to the Skin.

  1. Make sure the My Passport drive surface is clean and free from any dust or particles.
  2. Carefully apply the Skin to My Passport drive making sure it lines up with the LED and curves of the drive. If the Skin does not line up correctly, carefully peel it off and try again. Make sure not to stretch the Skin or it will no longer fit.
  3. As you apply the Skin to the device, firmly press the Skin from the middle to the edges, pushing any air bubbles out from under the Skin. To make this easier, you can use a credit card or other plastic card to help apply more even pressure. Be careful not to scratch the Skin.
  4. When applying the Skin to curves or corners you can gently stretch the Skin to get a very tight fit.

How do I remove bubbles in the Skin?
Most small creases and bubbles will disappear after time, but if the creases or bubbles are large you may slowly peel the Skin back up and carefully reapply. Keep repeating until the Skin is in its proper place and is smooth. In some cases, poking the bubble gently with a sharp pin will allow the air to escape. This should only be attempted as a last resort.

IMPORTANT: Be careful not to lift the skin too quickly or you may stretch or tear the Skin.

Will adding the Skin affect the My Passport warranty?
The application of a Skin will not affect the warranty on My Passport.